The new Mayer
Tray Filler KF 2260

We are very pleased to present to you the latest development from Mayer: the Tray Filler KF 2260 With the KF 2260, Mayer is once again expanding its portfolio in the field of filling and pot & tray handling. The machine consists of:  Chain elevator with bolted shovels, fix speed with forward and reverse drive … Read more

The Mayer Summer Party 2023

After a two-year break, the time had finally come again and the Mayer Summer Party for our employees at the Heidenheim site could take place. At the beginning of this month, after a two-year break, our annual Mayer Summer Party finally took place again. Employees, family and friends of the Mayer Group at the Heidenheim … Read more

Automation at Gartenbau Heufs

Automation at Gartenbau Heufs In the course of further automating its operation, our long-time partner Gartenbau Heufs has opted for the Domino Ax350i inkjet printer. Master gardener Christian Heufs and his wife Christiane have been running their parents’ business in the Lower Rhine region for over 14 years. All plants at Gartenbau Heufs are cultivated … Read more

The Mayer Dealer Award 2022

Presentation of the Mayer Dealer Award 2022 Presentation of the Mayer Dealer Award 2022 f.l.t.r.: Alexander Bergmann (Sales Manager, Mayer Planting Systems), Martos Benedek & Viktor Böcskey (Sales & Service Beppler), Manuel Linke (Chairman of the Management Board, Mayer Group) We are very pleased to present the Dealer Award 2022. In the history of Mayer … Read more

Mayer in Australia

Successful installation at Blackall Range Nurseries in Australia We are very pleased with the successful installation of our special project at Blackall Range Nurseries in Australia. This is a picking system consisting of five Mayer conveyor belts, each 8m long and 300mm wide. After the mature plants are brought back from the field with a … Read more

Another satisfied customer from the glass and special machinery industry

We are pleased about the successful completion of the parts for our customer from the glass and special machinery industry.  From the drawing to the final product: At Mayer Steel & Apparatus Engineering you are at the right address. Just like our customer, for whom we manufactured parts for their glass blowing machines. Glass blowing … Read more

Glyphosate ban? We have the solution!

The MAYER BARK TOPPER RM 2120 – say goodbye to moss, weeds and pests! Back in 2021, Germany announced a plan to phase out the use of glyphosate, a controversial herbicide and active ingredient in many weed killers, by the end of 2023. The decision was prompted by concerns about glyphosate’s impact on the environment … Read more

Successful delivery of the
buffer table PT 5000

Another successful shipping of our PT 5000 And another buffer table PT 5000 was successfully delivered to one of our customers. From our production hall, the 8-meter-long and 2-meter-wide PT 5000 was loaded onto a heavy transporter via crane. The buffer table is transported fully assembled and is thus immediately ready for use when it … Read more

Bending at Mayer

Discover one of our core competencies: Bending and folding in the highest quality ! On an area of more than 20,000 square meters, we offer a unique vertical range of manufacture at our Hungarian location and a modern machinery, which enables fast response and short delivery times. In addition to laser cutting, bending is one of … Read more

Mayer &
Janssen Erdbeerkulturen

“We have clearly geared our operations in terms of size and logistics to producing consistent quality reliably and on time. Mayer is therefore a perfect fit here.“ Erich Janssen, Janssen Erdbeerkulturen Janssen Erdbeerkulturen Hiltrud and Erich Janssen In one of the largest horticultural growing areas in Europe, the Lower Rhine region, there is also probably … Read more