Hungarian production site celebrates 25th anniversary

The Mayer plant has existed in Kisfalud (Hungary) for 25 years. In the course of time, not only the number of employees has grown, but also the infrastructure and machinery has changed dramatically since May 1994. Reason enough to celebrate our 25th anniversary with all our employees and many other guests.

A large party tent on the plant grounds not only provided the right atmosphere to celebrate, but also created the necessary space for the approximately 200 visitors. It was particularly pleasing that almost all employees and their families were present. In addition, many former employees found their way to Kisfalud.

The official program focused on the production site’s long history and development. In 1994 only an office building and an assembly hall were found on the site, while today there are modern production halls and office complexes. The future of the production site was also a central theme of the event. The management made a clear commitment to the location and promised to invest heavily in its future expansion. The mayor of Kisfalud once again underlined the good cooperation between Mayer and the community and took part in the celebration. All signs are focused on growth.

In addition to the official part of the event, there were many opportunities for entertainment. In the party tent, the evening could be spent with different bands and live music, in the production halls with roulette tables, darts, table soccer and a cocktail bar. The festivities were concluded with fireworks over the company premises.

Find out more about our Hungarian location here.

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