We master chip-free sheet metal forming

Our core competence in sheet metal processing.

Bending is one of our core competences in sheet metal working. Our CNC-controlled TRUMPF bending machines (TruBend 5170) enable bending lengths of up to 3230 mm and a pressing force of 1700 kN. The skilled and experienced specialists work in 3-shift operations and make short delivery times as well as an uncompromisingly high angular accuracy possible.




TRUMPF bending machines (TruBend 5170)

Bending lengths: up to 3230 mmPressure: 1700 kN

Functioning of a bending press

Bending is one of the chip-free sheet forming procedures and is often referred to as edging or bending. A metal sheet is formed by means of a bending press and by mechanical force. A bending press has an upper tool (punch), which is pressed into a lower tool (anvil). By lowering the punch, the intermediate sheet is bent into the desired shape. To make the bending process as efficient as possible, the corresponding sheet is placed against a mechanical stop. With the help of the CNC control, bending processes can be simlutated, so that the optimal immersion depths can be planned without a trial. In addition to angles, radii can also be bent on a modern bending press.

Advantages of folding

Bending still offers many advantages and is often superior to welding. Despite modern welding processes, welds can still be a weak point, because high heat causes melting and changes the crystalline structure slightly. This not only damages the carrying capacity, but also increases the susceptibility of the component to rust. Beyond that, welding processes usually lead to higher time and material requirements, because welded components must be subjected to complex x-ray checks.


Highest quality conciousness

Thanks to modern bending technology from TRUMPF and experienced specialists, we deliver construction components of the highest quality.

Short delivery time

Due to our vertical integration, we are able to respond quickly to inquiries and offer short delivery times.

Customized solutions

We offer individual project consulting and personal points of contact. Whether at single or series production.

We will advise you personally

Do you have questions about our scope of services? No problem. We are happy to advise you personally or create a free and non-binding offer.

Any questions about our products?

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