Thin plate welding

Sophisticated joining.

Sophisticated joining techniques.

Welding of thin sheet metal is one of the most challenging joining techniques of metalworking and also one of the three core competencies of Mayer Laser & Sheet Metal Technology. At the Kisfalud plant, we offer high-precision welding equipment and skilled specialists for MAG, MIG and TIG welding.

Welding processes


Metal active gas welding

Welding of unalloyed and alloyed steel with active gas.


Metal inert gas welding

Welding of high-alloy steel (aluminum, etc.).


Tungsten inert gas welding

Welding with very high seam quality.

Processing of thin sheet welding

Despite the low material thickness of sheet metal, there must be a link created which brings stability and minimizes the risk of changes in material. Depending on the material and requirement, one of three common welding techniques can be used. Metal active gas welding (MAG) is suitable for unalloyed and lowalloyed steels. It has a relatively high process speed, high weld strength and a low delay. Metal inert gas welding (MIG) is suitable for non-ferrous metals amd high-alloyed steels. Due to lower heat impact, only small deformations occur. Moreover, no slag is formed and no oxidation

Dünnblechschweißen bei Mayer Laser- und Blechtechnik

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Thanks to modern welding systems and experienced specialists, we deliver construction components of the highest quality.

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Due to our vertical integration, we are able to respond quickly to inquiries and offer short delivery times.

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We offer individual project consulting and personal points of contact. Whether at single or series production.

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