Mayer brings automation to the KIFE, China

In July 2019, Mayer was represented as an exhibitor at the Kunming International Flower Expo of China (KIFE) for the first time. Mayer was able to gather a large number of positive impressions in the flower town of Kunming. Together with our partner Lockdrives, we can look back on three successful exhibition days. During this time we have been able to get to know some very interesting customers and projects and are now confident that automation is on the rise in the horticulture sector China/Asia as well.

500 exhibitors and more than 35,000 Chinese and international trade buyers presented themselves on the 50,000 square meter exhibition area of the Kunming International Flower Expo of China. We shared a booth with our partner Lockdrives. Lock experts have been working on propulsion solutions in greenhouses for around 70 years, including technical components for ventilation and shading. Together with our automation systems, our joint exhibition booth provided efficient and complete solutions for automated commercial horticulture.

While KIFE is generally a bit smaller than IPM Beijing / Shanghai, the city of Kunming offers a very attractive market with an ideal environment for horticultural industry. Due to lavish natural resources and a favorable environment, Yunnan is often referred to as “fertile soil” in China’s floristry industry. Yunnan’s harvest of cut flowers has been the best in China for 25 consecutive years and accounts for over 80% of the national market. The main products, among them roses and Cymbidium potted plants, are representative of 90% of the domestic market. This means that Yunnan is established in its leading position in the Chinese and Asian floristry industry.

The naturally perfect enviromental conditions such as long daylight, pleasant temperature and the entire climate offers gardeners in Yunnan Province the best conditions to thrive. In addition, automation solutions help to create even more potential. Nevertheless, experience has shown that many gardening companies are conservatively oriented. For example, most of them still peck by hand.

We are well on the way of bringing a bit of automation to Yunnan and sensitizing gardeners in China for the automation developed by Mayer Pflanz- und Systemtechnik. At this year’s exhibition, our potting machine TM 1010 F served as a demonstration piece to fuel this development. Available as T8 and T16 and therefore with different pot size and performance, it counts as an absolute all-rounder and offers a good start toward automation. Our customer Huixing from Caiyun town, Lufeng, Chuxiong, Yunnan province offers an example for a very successful start into the automation of horticulture. Thanks to the Mayer Topfmaschine TM 1010 F, he was able to increase his production volume many times over. Now Huixing plans to build a third production site.

We hope that many more gardeners in China and ultimately all over the world will benefit from Mayer machines in the future. And we would like to thank Huixing for the loan of the potting machine TM 1010 F, which made it possible for us to introduce it to the visitors at the exhibition.

If you would like to start directly with your automation, then fell free to look for the right machine from our product portfolio in the field of handling, filling and processing. For your individual requirements you are also welcome to contact us directly. 

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