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At Mayer Steel & Apparatus Engineering, we think big when it comes to digitizing our shopfloor. That is why we rely on the COSCOM ECO system, based on a central manufacturing and tool database and the networking of CAD/CAM, simulation and shopfloor. As a convinced customer, we are very pleased about the publication of the official COSCOM user report. 

COSCOM has been active since 1978 and is one of the most experienced project partners in the field of digitalization in CNC-supported machining. The focus is on data and information networking on the store floor, the targeted use of a tool management and production information system, and the optimal design of a CAD/CAM process chain. We at Mayer use the central COSCOM ERP / ShopFloor data platform and thus achieve up to 25% savings in our component machining time. In the following user report, you can read all about our continuous virtual production and our result assurance, error prevention and process acceleration. 

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