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From 28th to 31st January 2020, around 1,540 exhibitors from 46 countries presented their products and services in the fields of plants, technology, floristry and equipment at the world’s leading trade fair for horticulture – the IPM 2020, which attracted around 54.000 visitors from all over the world. We were also represented again this year with a new stand concept and presented two new products to customers, partners and visitors from Germany and abroad.

Sustainability as the theme of our new exhibition stand

The design of the new exhibition stand was to focus on our machines on one hand, and to invite visitors to pause on the other hand and enjoy there stay. Our aim was to use mainly sustainable materials. We would like to thank our booth builder, Zebrano Objekteinrichtungs GmbH, for the fantastic realisation of our .

Presentation of two new products

But it was not only the new stand that attracted attention. The potting machine TM 2020F, especially developed for tree nurseries, as well as the pot destacker Potjet 2, which was awarded the “German Horticultural Innovation Prize 2018” and the “Sival Innovation Bronze Award 2020”, met with great interest from visitors and were the focus of Mayer’s presence at this year’s trade fair.

Potjet 2 - Awarded innovation in the destacking of pots

The pot destacker Potjet 2 can handle round pots from 12-40cm Ø as well as square pots from 14 to 22cm Ø. The pots are separated by rotating spindles, which release the individual pot from the pot stack. The Potjet 2 is operated by means of a robust touch screen. The internal memory offers the user great flexibility saves a lot of time compared to conventional pot destackers. More than 1,000 pots can be stored in the memory, which can then be called up on the touch screen. After selecting the desired pot, the spindles automatically adjust to the desired pot size, so that manual intervention is no longer necessary. The design of the pot magazine on a mobile transport trolley also makes it compatible with many older potting machines as well as with third party products.

TM 2020F- The new nursery standard

Our new potting machine TM 2020F, which was especially developed for tree nurseries, is the successor to the popular TM 2020 in Mayer’s product portfolio. With an output of up to 2,000 pots per hour and the possibility of processing pot sizes from 12-40cm Ø (round) and 10-25cm Ø (square), it leaves nothing to be desired. The enlarged turntable offers the possibility for up to five people to work directly on the turntable. Aspects of working ergonomics were also taken into account during the design of the machine, which led to a very low construction of the turntable. The machine can be controlled either via the operating terminal above the turntable, which can be moved to the desired position by means of a swivel arm, or via the touch screen located on the side of the machine. The TM 2020F is equipped with an Ethernet connection, which enables remote maintenance of the machine.

From soil preparation to filling and handling

In addition to the two new products, Mayer presented a machine line to interested visitors. This consisted of the Mayer BZ 6160 bale shredder, the Mayer EM 6012 soil mixer and of the popular potting machine for ornamental plants and perennials, the TM 2400E.

You have questions about our exhibited machines or would like to get in contact with us. We will gladly help you. To enable us to quickly process your inquiry, please use our contact form or give us a call.

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