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"We have geared our operations in terms of size and logistics to producing consistent quality reliably and on time. Mayer is therefore a perfect fit here.“

Erich Janssen, Janssen Erdbeerkulturen

Janssen Erdbeerkulturen
Hiltrud and Erich Janssen

In one of the largest horticultural growing areas in Europe, the Lower Rhine region, there is also probably the largest strawberry garden: the production of Janssen Erdbeerkulturen.

For more than 60 years, the family business of Erich and Hiltrud Janssen has been making a market with new varieties. It has a capacity of up to 700,000 strawberry plants a day, with novelties and classics such as Senga-Sengana thriving on 65 hectares. With the exclusive variety “Fridulin, the happy strawberry,” Janssen ushered in a new generation of strawberry plants for retailers in 2015.

Successfully cultivating strawberry plants over many years requires specialized know-how, clearly defined processes and space. The farm covers 60 hectares of open field and around 7 hectares of high glass, divided into one part with a warehouse and 2 loading ramps. A second part of the operation is designed for promotional goods with 7,000 sqm of picking hall and 6 loading ramps. This was expanded in 2018 to include a cold storage hall with 2,200 cubic meters of enclosed space. In the same year, Erich Janssen built modern and generously equipped accommodation for its seasonal staff on 600 sqm.

Last week, a new Mayer TM 2400DR was delivered to Janssen by our service team and successfully installed on site. The potting machine, equipped with our latest features such as the multiple drilling unit, can be converted from a double version up to 13 cm pots to a single version up to 26 cm pots within a few minutes. Thanks to our PLC control with touch screen, all motor settings can be saved to the respective pot size, number of employees on the turntable or even according to the crop. This reduces changeover times and ensures that the pots are always perfectly filled. In addition, there is a fault memory, power meter and remote access to the machine.

Janssen Erdbeerkulturen stands for professional production, first-class products, flexible order acceptance and careful execution, timely order fulfillment, and compassionate overall handling for the benefit of the customer. We are pleased that Mayer is part of this!

At a glance

Kalkar, Deutschland

The Mayer TM 2400DR at Janssen Erdbeerkulturen

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