Mayer Laser & Sheet metal technology

Heidenheim, Germany
Kisfalud, Hungary

Laser & Sheet metal technology

Heidenheim, Germany
Kisfalud, Hungary

The Mayer Group

As a global group of companies, Mayer offers innovative automation solutions for commercial horticulture, cost-efficient contract manufacturing in thin sheet metal processing and steel construction as well as customized solutions in control and handling technology. At the headquarters in Heidenheim (Germany) and the other locations Kisfalud and Gyöngyös (Hungary) is produced on an area of more than 20,000 square meters with modern machinery, experienced personnel and an exceptional vertical integration.

Mayer Laser- & Sheet Metal Technology

As a customer of Mayer Laser- & Blechtechnik, you benefit from our high level of vertical integration and consistently high quality standards throughout all processing steps. Mayer customers appreciate our short delivery times, our adherence to delivery dates and our high degree of flexibility. We handle every project with maximum customer orientation and tailor-made for you. Convince yourself of the efficiency of our specialist staff, who are equipped with the latest Trumpf laser cutting machines & Trumpf press brake machines.


Klaus Mayer
Managing Partner

Portraitbild Klaus Mayer

After completing his apprenticeship as a machinist, Klaus Mayer studied industrial engineering at the University of Applied Sciences Munich. He then worked as a sales engineer at TRUMPF GmbH & Co. KG in Ditzingen from 1990 to 1992. In 1992, he joined the family business in Mergelstetten and assisted the management. 

Since 1993, Klaus Mayer has been the main shareholder and Managing Director of the entire Mayer Group and is responsible for the strategic direction of the various divisions. In addition, he was from 2007 founding president and since 2016 Chairman of the Supervisory Board of 1. FC Heidenheim 1846 e.V.

Manuel Linke
Managing Director

After completing his studies in business informatics (B.Sc.), Manuel Linke completed an extra-occupational study program in Business Psychology (M.Sc.). From 2012 to 2017 he worked as project manager and assistant to the management at Paul Hartmann AG. Manuel Linke has been working for the Mayer Group since 2017 and was a project manager for a large number of projects in the various divisions until 2018.

Since 2018, Manuel Linke has been responsible for the strategic alignment and operational business as Managing Director of Mayer Planting Systems and Mayer Laser & Sheet Metal Technology. 

Vertical range of manufacture & Quality

As a Mayer customer, you benefit from our high degree of vertical integration and consistently high quality standards across all processing steps. At our Hungarian plant, we cover a large number of production steps on an area of 5,000 square meters and are constantly working on our value added chain. In addition to 4 laser cutting machines and 4 press brakes from TRUMPF, our machinery includes modern CNC processing machines and welding robots. All upstream and downstream processes, such as the purchase of raw materials, assembly and quality assurance, also take place at Mayer, so that every machine looks like a one-stop shop.

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"Mayer Ipari és Kereskedelmi" Betéti Társaság - Development application to help the company adapt to modern business and production challenges

Projekt ID: GINOP-1.2.16-22-2023-03811

Beneficiary’s name: “Mayer Ipari és Kereskedelmi” Betéti Társaság

Project aim: “Mayer Ipari és Kereskedelmi” Betéti Társaság technological development

Total eligible cost: 379 175 200 Ft

Subsidy amount: 170 628 840 Ft

Subsidy rate: 70%

Project description: 

The aim of the project was to replace our existing painting plant with modern technology capable of handling our increased orders. The aim is to increase efficiency by replacing our existing obsolete technology with a powder coating system. Professional customer service and high quality will allow us to expand with new partners in addition to our increased order book.

A few months ago, a new laser cutting machine was purchased that can cut up to 4 m, however our bending machines can only bend up to 3 m, so an edge bender needs to be bought. On the other hand, the machine is state-of-the-art technology, and we have asked for options that make the operators’ work much easier (parts do not have to be lifted by workers, the machine helps them do so), thus increasing productivity.

Prior to installing the powder spraying and edge bending equipment, we would like to modify our existing hall, as the installation of this equipment requires an optimisation of the layout of the building. The budget for the conversion, which entails a change of function, has been drawn up in a realistic and economical way, in line with market prices. Following the conversion, the new equipment will be housed in our current stocks of finished goods and finished products. The unification of two halls will be one of the tasks of the transformation. A partition wall between the halls will be demolished and a support column will be relocated. The concrete under the washing cabin must be dismantled and replaced as specified by the installer. Also new foundations for the two new support columns as well as beams will be installed, and possibly a new one for the metal structure of the equipment.

We believe that the transition to renewable energy is a common goal, so we aim to use the planned heat pump to produce thermal energy. With the installation of a heat pump, our energy efficiency will be increased and carbon emission will be reduced.

Our parent company is based in Germany, communication is mostly in German, therefore we would like 2 employees to be enrolled in a German online training course at level B1 at Katedra language school.

By using leadership and management consultancy/development, we want to achieve a review of our organisational structure and suggestions for optimising our workflow. After completing the programme, feedback will be given on areas for improvement and an individual development plan by Agora Institute. Our goal is to increase operational efficiency, gain market share, increase our customer base and generate higher revenues.

The planned acquisition of equipment, building renovation, heat pump installation and the use of training and consultancy services will have a positive impact on cash flow, profitability, and stability of the company. With higher revenues, a minimal change in the level of existing fixed costs will result in improved profitability.

Project completion: June 19, 2023

Upgrading energy efficiency at Mayer Ipari és Kereskedelmi Bt.

Project ID: GINOP-4.1.4-19-2019-00332

Beneficiary’s name: “Mayer Ipari és Kereskedelmi” Betéti Társaság

Subsidy amount: 37 354 879 HUF

Subsidy rate: 55 %

Project description: 

As part of SolaA development, a solar system will be installed on the building of production of the Kisfalud headquarters of the company. The implementation of the investment is carried out during the period of 1/5/2020 and 30/4/2022.

A solar system with a capacity of 251,6 KWP will be installed in the course of the project. The system consists of 3 inverters type Huawei SUN2000-50KTL, 1 inverter type Huawei SUN2000-60KTL and 553 pieces of monocrystalline solar cell modules type Longi 455. Aerofix support system will ensure fixing of the solar panels on the flat roof. The system also includes properly sized Ac and DC control cabinets, solar cabling, and solar connectors.

Project completion: 09 December 2021