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surface treatment

Deburring, finish grinding, edge rounding and oxide layer removal in house at Mayer

Our machinery is well positioned to efficiently support our customers in deburring, finish grinding, edge rounding and oxide layer removal from laser parts.  With our experienced staff and the Timesavers 42 RB Series multi-rotary brush machine, we achieve top quality. Eight brushes are used to evenly deburr and perfectly round the edges of the metal. This enables us to produce a rounding radius of 2 mm.

Your advantages: 

  • Suitable for deburring different materials such as stainless steel, steel, aluminum, etc. 
  • Suitable for deburring small (50 mm) and large workpieces (up to 1350 mm). 
  • Perfect edge rounding (radius up to 2 mm). 
  • Sanding belt unit for removing high burrs or for a sanding finish. 
  • Processing of different materials with suitable wet suction. 
  • Processing of flat, shaped and 3D workpieces with embossing/forming.

For more information about our machine portfolio and service, please contact your Mayer representative or send us an email to We look forward to your inquiry! 

  • We are available for you – by phone, email, fax and social media
  • We support you with your individual project
  • We are happy to set up a video meeting for you via Microsoft Teams or Zoom 
  • Under exact observance of travel, contact and hygiene rules, we are also happy to come to you personally. 
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Upgrading energy efficiency at Mayer Ipari és Kereskedelmi Bt.

Project ID: GINOP-4.1.4-19-2019-00332

Beneficiary’s name: “Mayer Ipari és Kereskedelmi” Betéti Társaság

Subsidy amount: 37 354 879 HUF

Subsidy rate: 55 %

Project description: 

As part of SolaA development, a solar system will be installed on the building of production of the Kisfalud headquarters of the company. The implementation of the investment is carried out during the period of 1/5/2020 and 30/4/2022.

A solar system with a capacity of 251,6 KWP will be installed in the course of the project. The system consists of 3 inverters type Huawei SUN2000-50KTL, 1 inverter type Huawei SUN2000-60KTL and 553 pieces of monocrystalline solar cell modules type Longi 455. Aerofix support system will ensure fixing of the solar panels on the flat roof. The system also includes properly sized Ac and DC control cabinets, solar cabling, and solar connectors.

Project completion: July 30, 2022