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Welcome to the field of tool presetting at Mayer Stahl- und Apparatebau. Equipped with the most modern equipment and highly qualified employees, we realize your project according to your wishes.

With us, information is concentrated where it is needed. All our large-scale processing machines are completely integrated into our network. The workstations of the programmers, the tool presetting and the large-scale processing machines form a networked unit, which enables a permanent data exchange of the individual systems. A central data platform networks the entire production and standardizes the processes without losing the transparency of the data processes. Information retrieval and exchange is possible at all processing machines and the programming stations.

After we have received your order, our highly qualified CNC programming team takes care of the graphic programming (with Proficam from COSCOM) and the definition of the required tools. After completion of the tool lists, it goes on to the tool presetting. 

Industry 4.0 and environmental protection is valued and implemented at our company – therefore our processes are completely paperless.

In the tool presetting department, the required tools are assembled in the appropriate size and length and measured individually. The finished tools are then taken to the designated machine to produce the respective part. Here, too, the data is transferred digitally to the respective machine. 

Our services:

  • Intelligent networking of our machines and processes with the help of comprehensive digitalization -> Industry 4.0
  • CNC programming (CAD/CAM programming station with Proficam from COSCOM)
  • Tool presetting with Tool-Director VM Warehouse from COSCOM
  • Tool measurement with Zoller Venturion 600/8 

After successful production, the tools are then dismantled and cleaned again in the tool presetting department. Ready for the next project!

Test us and benefit from our know-how, high flexibility and cost efficiency. 
We are looking forward to your inquiry!

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