New year – New product:
The Mayer Bark Topper RM 2120

- no more chance for moss and weeds!

The time has finally come and the latest development from Mayer is on the market!

The Mayer bark topper RM 2120 is the ideal device for anyone who wants to protect their plants from moss and weeds.
It covers your pot surfaces with bark or similar material. Most spreading materials and a wide range of pot sizes or pots with tall plants can be used. Due to belts moving against each other, the pots are rotated around their own axis and transported through the machine. This ensures that the bark topper RM 2120 spreads the material evenly over the surface of the pot. Excess spreading material is returned directly to the machine hopper.

Due to its high hourly output, the machine can also be integrated as a module in a production line with potting machines.

Advantages of the Mayer bark topper RM 2120 at a glance:

  • Strong reduction of moss and weed growth
  • Reduction of evaporation
  • Suitable for round and square pots
  • Right or left inlet of the pots into the scattering area can be configured
  • Rotation of the round pots as they pass through ensures even distribution of the spreading material
  • Excess spreading material is conveyed down by scrapers and falls back into the hopper
  • Can be used in combination with the most common spreading materials
  • All motors are frequency-controlled and can therefore be adapted to different pot sizes and types
  • Also suitable for pots with tall plants
  • Can be used in combination with a potting machine and/or before shipping
  • Spreading chute made of stainless steel for longer service life

Learn more about the Mayer bark topper RM 2120:


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