Our potting machine TM 2432 and the bale breaker BZ 6160 together in action

At our customer, Mayer Pflanzen GmbH (Salzburg, Austria), we produced an impressive video for you, which demonstrates our potting machine TM 2432 in combination with the bale breaker BZ 6160 in its full efficiency. Tailored to the individual needs of our long-standing customer Mayer Pflanzen GmbH, this compact package offers the maximum performance of both machines.

In detail, the advantages and benefits of the individually customized package are clear:

Extension plates on the bale breaker BZ 6160 allow the use of bales of up to 2.70 m in size. The bales and substrate are often stored for a long time, which can lead to severe dehydration. However, the integrated irrigation system gives the earth the required moisture before potting. A level sensor mounted on the bale breaker makes it easy to set the requested amount of substrate in the earth bunker.

The connected potting machine TM2432 offers enough space for 3-4 employees thanks to its large turntable.  Depending on the size oft the pot, the potting machine can be filled with several hundred to a thousand pots, thus expanding the manufacturing time until an employee must refill the magazine. The pneumatically controlled double-sided destacker has two ejection jaws. This makes it possible to reuse used pots or to use large square pots, which supports the pot variety of Mayer Planting Systems.

Due to the triple-adjustable soil chute, the amount of soil can be adjusted according to the needs of the respective pot size and plant species. In addition to a complete ejection of the substrate into the pot, the substrate can also be immediately redirected to the turntable by setting the soil chute. Of course, a combination of both is possible.

A rotating brush ensures a clean preparation of the pots before drilling and eliminates excess soil. An irrigation tunnel above the conveyer belt allows to add a precisely coordinated amount of water to the pots after the potting process and before you enter the quarter.

In the final step, the pots are collected in front of the puffer table and pushed over at the preprogrammed distance.

Let the video convince you of the speed, accuracy and versatility of Mayer machines as well as our portfolio. More information on this successful combination can be found in our reference article about Mayer Pflanzen GmbH from Salzburg.

Do you have questions about the video, the complete package or do you need individual advice for your own horticultural project? Use our contact form here, our staff will contact you directly.

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