The new mayer potting machine TM 1610F

Versatile & compact

The new mayer potting machine tm 1610F

Versatile & Compact

The mayer Potting machine TM 1610F

The revised Mayer TM 1610F combines the well-known strengths of the previous TM 1610 with even more convenience and user-friendliness.

The Mayer TM 1610 has been one of the most frequently used and best-known potting machines from Mayer for many years. Thanks to its flexibility with regard to the pot sizes that can be processed, its mobility, and its compact dimensions, it offers the optimum prerequisites for use in ornamental plant operations with an output of up to 500,000 pots per year. With the new Mayer TM 1610F, we have once again improved this all-rounder for you.

The slewing ring of the TM 1610F is now frequency-controlled as standard. This enables convenient speed regulation by means of a potentiometer. In addition, many other technical improvements have been made “under the hood” to make the TM 1610F even more reliable, durable and smooth-running. Of course, the new Mayer TM 1610F also offers a wide range of machine options and accessories to optimally match it to the requirements of your operation.

Further details on the options can be found in the machine configurator. The delivery time depends on the current demand.

TM 1610F
TM 1610F

Technical Data

Pot size (T12)

5-21 CM

Pot size

6-14 CM


up to 2.800 pots/h

Soil hopper

1.100 L


1.100 KG

The advantages of the TM 1610F at a glance:

  • Compact, lightweight and mobile potting machine
  • Continuously adjustable elevator and carrousel
  • Round pots from 5-21 cm, square pots from 6-14 cm
  • 12 cycle-accurate pot positions for always centered pots
  • Up to 2,800 pots per hour
  • Structure-preserving substrate conveying
  • Flexible arrangement of the pot outlet
  • Significantly less wear than other models in this size range
  • Belt accumulator, fertilizer feeder, soil hopper extension and various conveyor belts available
  • Compatible with the most common automation systems

Configure your TM 1610F





Configure your TM 1610F





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