potting machine TM 1010F

Reliable, durable and flexible.

potting machine TM 1010F

Reliable, durable and flexible.

The Mayer TM 1010F - your reliable partner.

Outstanding planting quality requires sustained favourable conditions for cultivation. The potting machine TM 1010F creates these optimally by consistently drilling accurate, central planting holes. The exact coordination of pot position and pot transfer is fully synchronised. The high degree of mechanical precision also ensures the processing quality of subsequent stations or systems (e.g. automatic planting machines).

Increased productivity is coupled with particularly convenient handling and controls with the potting machine TM 1010F: for example, the centrally adjustable pot holder causes considerably reduced set-up times when adapting to different pot diameters. The electronic frequency controls for the turntable and elevator ensure precise output control and are easy to operate via the control panel within the working area. Additional frequency converters for soil conveyor, drill motor and conveyor belt are available with surcharge.
(Picture with additional equipment)

Technical Data

Pot Size (T16)

5 TO 22 CM Ø

Pot Size (T-8)

15 TO 30 CM Ø


4.000 POTS / H

Soil Hopper

4.000 L

Transport Dimensions

3,60 X 1,50 X 1,80 M


880 KG

Reliable & durable

More than 10,000 Mayer TM 1010F have been delivered worldwide. The average lifespan is well over 10 years.

Extensive special equipment

In addition to a wide range of basic features, the Mayer TM 1010F offers a variety of options for increasing productivity.

Easy to use

The Mayer TM 1010F guarantees intuitive operation, so that it can be used efficiently even without specialist staff.

We will advise you personally

Do you have questions about our scope of services? No problem. We are happy to advise you personally or create a free and non-binding offer.

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