The Mayer Potting machine TM 2020F

The new Tree Nursery standard

The mayer potting machine tm 2020F

The new tree nursery standard

The mayer Potting machine TM 2020F

As the successor of our popular TM 2020, we are pleased to offer you our newly developed TM 2020F, a potting machine specially designed for tree nurseries. In addition to an extremely robust and durable design, the TM 2020F, like all our machines, is characterized by very smooth running and simple handling. The TM 2020F can handle both round pots from 12 to 40 cm as well as square pots from 9 to 25 cm. The soil hopper has a capacity of up to 5000 liters and allows processing without tunneling. The enlarged turntable allows up to 4 people to pot on the machine at the same time. Depending on the pot site, the output of the machine is up to 2000 pots an hour. In addition to a simple handling and high performance, ergonomic aspects were also important to us. The particularly low height of the machine also makes it possible to improve work ergonomics. The accompanying tray for additional substrate is particularly suitable to bare-rooted plants.


Pot Sizes

8 to 40 cm Ø

Pot Sizes

10 to 25 cm Ø


 Up to 2.000 pots/h

Soil Hopper

3.000 L

Extended hopper

Up to 5.000 L


2.450 KG

Transport Dimensions

4,80 X 2,20 X 2,40 M

Advantages of the TM 2020F at a glance:

  • Robust and durable potting machine with reinforced chassis for use in tree nurseries
  • Very low height for optimal work ergonomics
  • Various options for separating round and square pots
  • Running tray for additional substrate (especially suitable for bare-root plants)
  • More working spaces due to an enlarged turntable
  • Comfortable operation via touchscreen (all components can be switched on/off)
  • Cone on turntable center prevents substrate residues
  • Tripartite soil chute for precise dosage of additional substrate on turntable center
  • Stainless steel buckets with forwarding and reverse mode 

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COnfigure your TM 2020F




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