Xianfeng Family Farm

Wuxi, China

"In recent years, our production scale has expanded and our level of automation has continued to improve."

Mr. Yu, General Manager of Xianfeng Family Farm

The Xianfeng Family Farm in Jiangsu Province

Xianfeng Farm was established in 2003 and now has nearly 20 years of experience in cultivating plants. Currently, the farm covers an area of 53,000 m², including a greenhouse of 30,000 m². The farm produces 300,000 plants per year, including pineapples, bromeliads and cyclamen.

Xianfeng Farm impresses with its consistent product quality and year-round delivery capability. In recent years, with the expansion of its production scale, the level of automation has continued to improve. Within one week, for example, the farm produces up to 30,000 pineapple plants.

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Automation at the Xianfeng Family Farm

In order to work even more efficiently and to advance automation in the operation of the Xianfeng Family Farm, it was decided to integrate a complete Mayer production line in the operation. 

  • The mobile Mayer bale breaker BZ 6030 processes bales up to 300 L and offers maximum work efficiency, optimal handling and high operational reliability.
  • The soil mixer EM 6002 is used for precise mixing of all substrates and achieves a mixing volume of 1 m³. Even with a long mixing process, you get a homogeneous end product.
  • The Mayer potting machine TM 1610 has been one of the most frequently used and best-known potting machines from Mayer for many years. It impresses with its flexibility with regard to the pot sizes that can be processed, its mobility and its compact dimensions.
  • The Mayer conveyor belts currently include different 4 types. Available in different lengths and widths, individually adapted to the respective needs on site.



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Learn more about the machines used

BZ 6030

Bale breaker

BZ 6030

The Mayer BZ 6030 processes substrate bales up to 300 L.

Starting at 5.670,00€

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EM 6002

Soil mixer

EM 6002

The Mayer EM 6002 achieves a mixing volume of 1M³.

Starting at 11.671,00€

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TM 1610F

Potting machine

TM 1610F

The Mayer TM 1610F processes up to 2.800 pots per hour and is now frequency-controlled.

Starting at 12.870,00€

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Conveyor Belts

Conveyor Belts

The broad range of Mayer conveyor belts currently includes four different types.


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