Rimland's nursery

miami, usa

Rimland's nursery

Miami, Usa

"The best potting machine ever. True craftsmanship."

Mike Rimland,
Owner Rimland’s Nursery / VP of Research & Development Indoor Plants & Global Ambassador at Costa Farms.

General Manager-Rimland's Nursery

Rimland's Nursery & Costa Farms

Rimland‘s Nursery, headquartered in plant paradise Miami, Florida was started in 1988 by Mike Rimland. The nursery is specializing now only in Anthurium production.

Mike Rimland is the owner of Rimland’s Nursery as well as the VP of Research and Development Indoor Plants & Global Ambassador at Costa Farms, which has given him the nickname Mike the Plant Hunter. As the Costa Farms plant hunter Mike develops along with the Costa Farms great team new Trending Tropicals™ indoor plant varieties that they supply to North America.

Costa Farms, also headquartered in Miami is one of the largest horticultural growers in the world. The company sprouted in 1961 when its founder, Jose Costa Sr., purchased 30 acres south of Miami to grow fresh tomatoes in the winter and calamondin citrus in the summer. That soon morphed into houseplants, and Costa Farms started to grow. Today Costa Farms is one of the leading growers of house and garden plants worldwide.

Individual Solutions by Mayer

Rimland’s Nursery is trusting in Mayer technology and is the proud owner of the Mayer machine TM 2400E. Rimland’s Nursery Manager Pinita Alegrea Mai says the Mayer machine has changed the working process at the nursery drastically. Thanks to the TM 2400E, they process up to 25,000 plants a day.

According to customer requirements, a special height adjustment of the machine was made. In addition, a simplified supply of soil to the middle of the table is provided with the help of a soil conveyor belt which now can be controlled individually by the customer using a footswitch.

The TM 2400E is an extremely flexible machine that is capable of handling a wide range of pot sizes and achieve performances of up to 4000 pots per hour. Featuring a constant central precision hole drill, the TM 2400 E is the perfect solution and plant quality.

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Miami, USA


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