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Mathias Kilzer

Product Manager

After his training as a mechatronics engineer, Mr. Mathias Kilzer worked from 1977 to 1980 in a car and agricultural machinery workshop in Romania. In 1983 he moved to Germany and retrained as a mechanic. After completing his retraining, Mr. Kilzer started working for Mayer as an assembler in the production of potting machines. At that time, he was already familiar with Mayer through his brother, who had also worked at Mayer. Two years later, Mr. Kilzer began further training to become a master mechanic, which he successfully completed shortly thereafter.

Together with Mr. Klaus Mayer and other persons he was involved in the start of the production in Hungary in 1994. The Hungarian plant was first a supplier of components for the final assembly of the machines in Heidenheim, until 1997 when the complete assembly and production of the potting machines was moved there. In 1997, the service division of Mayer was founded, and until 2014, Mr. Kilzer was instrumental in its expansion and success in the role of service manager.

Since 2014 he is responsible in his position as product manager for the development or further development of the machines and the accessories.

Mr. Kilzer, why did you choose Mayer?

“As already described above, the Mayer company was known to me through my brother. The assembly of potting machines and accessories, and also ensuring their quality, came very close to my ideas of the profession of mechanic at that time.”

What are your responsibilities at Mayer?

“As a product manager, I am constantly responsible for the new and further developments of our portfolio. This includes providing advice to the design department, carrying out tests and supporting the products until they are ready for series production. In addition, I support the sales department in the planning and implementation of large projects and special machines.”

What do you particularly enjoy about your job?

“In the past decades, thanks to my varied activities, I have been able to get to know and appreciate many different people around the world. Some of them have even become friends. My special appreciation goes to all our employees at Mayer MV and our employees in Hungary at Mayer BT and HW&SW.
Since I have spent almost my entire working life at Mayer, it was certainly the right decision to choose Mayer in 1985.”


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