Mayer machines for preparation

Mayer bale breaker BZ 6030

For professional preparation of small bales we supply the Mayer bale breaker BZ 6030: this mobile machine offers optimum working efficiency coupled with excellent, easy handling and maximum operating safety.

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Mayer big bale breaker BZ 6160

The special ergonomic design of the Mayer big bale breaker facilitates efficient handling. A simple manual lift can be used for loading it with conventional big bales. After removing the protective sheeting from the bale, the hopper can be tilted into the dosing position by means of the integrated hydraulic system.

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Mayer soil mixer EM 6002

The substrate can be moistened and fertilized during the mixing process. The hopper of the soil mixer can be loaded from three sides if it is positioned in the open. Even when left running for a long time the result will be a uniform mix. Mixing and unloading can be controlled automatically.

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Mayer soil mixer EM 6012

The task of the soil mixer EM 6012 is to mix various components into a soil which meets the needs of the plants. Whereas all common kinds of substrate and fertilizer can be used. As an option a moistening system is available. It can be installed in order to moisten the soil before it is discharged.

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