The Mayer Dealer Award 2022

Presentation of the Mayer Dealer Award 2022

Presentation of the
Mayer Dealer Award 2022

f.l.t.r.: Alexander Bergmann (Sales Manager, Mayer Planting Systems),
Martos Benedek & Viktor Böcskey (Sales & Service Beppler), Manuel Linke (Chairman of the Management Board, Mayer Group)

We are very pleased to present the Dealer Award 2022. In the history of Mayer Planting Systems, the award has now been presented for the third time. It stands for outstanding performance and excellent service of our Mayer dealers and partners. With this recognition we award our respective top dealer of the year.

The Mayer Dealer Award 2022 goes to our long-term partner Beppler from Hungary. The company, founded in 2009, offers besides the distribution and sale of our Mayer machines, a wide range of various technical solutions for horticulture, with customer-oriented support and service. In this way they also contribute to the development of the horticultural sector in Hungary and Romania. With the marketing of high quality basic material for the horticultural companies in the field of ornamental plants, seeds, rooted cuttings, peat, substrate, planters and various types of fertilizers, Beppler is a one-stop shop. In addition, Beppler tests seedlings and plants in their own nursery, giving them valuable information about plant cultivation.

Together with Beppler, we look back on a successful 2022 and look forward to continuing such a cooperative partnership. We say: “Keep it up!” and congratulate the Mayer Dealer of the Year 2022!

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