The new Mayer potting machines
TM 2432D & TM 2432E

We are very happy to present you our newly revised potting machines TM 2432D and TM 2432E!

We are very happy to present you our newly revised potting machines
TM 2432D and TM 2432E!

We have used the last year to work on our existing portfolio in addition to some new machines. Among other things, our TM 2432 has received a major facelift.

The TM 2432 now shares the letters E and D, just like our TM 2400. This means that the TM 2432E and the TM 2432D are both available as usual for pot sizes 12 – 32 cm. In addition, we are now able to offer our customers a double-row TM 2432D, which is unique on the market due to the following features: 

  • Double row for round pots from 9 – 16 cm diameter
  • Double row for square pots from 8 – 14 cm edge length
  • Handles up to 5.500 pots/h
Potting Machine TM 2432D
Potting Machine TM 2432E

In the basic version, a new elevator outlet was installed, similar to our TM 2020F. Made of stainless steel and for perfect metering of the soil quantity on the turntable. Probably the most striking and biggest change was the lowering of the turntable itself. As a result, we now have a much more comfortable and ergonomic working height for our customers’ employees.

Due to our 2-in-1 drilling unit, the new A100 pot magazine and the quick release fasteners on the pot segments, the double-row potting machine can be converted to a single-row potting machine within a few minutes.

The optionally available touchscreen can be used to preset and save the settings of the individual motors for the different pot sizes. The touchscreen displays the various performance data and can be used for error analysis.

Further information

TM 2432D

Potting Machine

TM 2432D

The Mayer TM 2432D processes up to 5,500 pots per hour with a pot diameter of up to 16 cm and an edge length of up to 14 cm.

Starting at 34.500,00€

Information Configurator

TM 2432E

Potting machine

TM 2432E

The Mayer TM 2432E processes up to 3,000 pots per hour with a pot diameter of up to 32 cm and an edge length of up to 22 cm.

Starting at 30.500,00€

Information Configurator

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