Tips & Tricks for a longer machine life

The first two months of 2020 are almost over and the first production cycle is running at full speed. Machines for the automation of the potting process have become an integral part of the pot plant production for many years. We are proud to see that some of our machines are still in use after more than 30 years. To ensure that your Mayer machine performs well for a long time too, we have compiled some service tips below to help you extend the life of your Mayer machine.


The instruction manual - an underestimated resource

Every machine requires correct handling when operated. To ensure that you can enjoy your Mayer machine for a long time and achieve the best possible production results, we recommend that you read the instruction manual before using the machine. It does not only show how to operate your machine in the best possible way, but also which maintenance work can be carried out by yourself and when a mechanic should be consulted. All our machines are delivered with an instruction manual. In case of a loss of the instruction manual, we will gladly send you a new copy.

Avoid machine downtimes by working consciously

Hectic and time pressure are no rarity in everyday production. However, it is important that you take the time to set up your machine correctly when using it. Improper handling or incorrectly adjusted machines can accelerate wear and tear of the mechanical parts. By consciously working with your machine, you not only protect your machine and extend its life cycle, but also achieve optimum production results.

Troubleshooting procedure

In case of an unusual noise of the machine during operation, stop the machine and then start it up again. Try to locate the noise and observe how the machine behaves. In this way you can better explain the problem to our service technician on the phone or on site. A short video or picture is very helpful so that our service can quickly provide you with the correct information or necessary spare parts. For this purpose, we have integrated an upload functionality on our service website which allows you to send us the media files quickly and easily.

Perform minor maintenance & repair work immediately

Especially smaller maintenance and repair work on the machine is often postponed due to lack of time. The time delay of smaller repairs can lead to ever greater problems. For optimum operation, we recommend carrying out small repairs immediately. 

Control of liquids

With machines like our bale breaker that have a hydraulic system installed, it is important to check the level of the hydraulic fluid from time to time and refill it if necessary. This ensures that the machine’s hydraulic system is working properly.

Regular cleaning and inspection of the machine

In order for your machine to perform well for a long time, it is important to take proper care of your machines. Especially between the production cycles, it is possible to clean the machine from substrate residues and to check important parts of the machine. These include the conveyor chains and the flange bearings, whose durability can be extended by thoroughly greasing them after cleaning. For this purpose, a commercially available multi-functional oil and a grease gun can be used. This not only ensures that the mechanical parts are protected against corrosion, but also that the machine functions optimally.

Use of original spare parts

If parts of your machine are worn out or need to be replaced, we recommend the use of our Mayer Original spare parts. This ensures that, due to the fitting accuracy of the parts, the optimum functionality of the machine can be guaranteed. In addition, our spare parts are usually in stock and can therefore be quickly delivered to your site. But even in the case of a warranty claim you are always on the safe side when using our original spare parts.

Preparation for maintenance & repair work

As with machine care, we recommend that you clean your machine before you or our service technician carry out any maintenance or repair work. This not only helps to quickly identify the problem the machine has, but also helps to prevent contamination of newly installed parts. 

You have questions about our machines or spare parts, or would like to book a service appointment? 
Contact us quickly and easily via our service form. 

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