We have reinforced our team

A good training of our employees as well as the continuous education and development of our production processes are the foundation of our business activities. Therefore we do not only pay attention to keep our machinery up to date, but also to train our employees in handling our machines and the underlying software.

Markus Neumann Profil

Since June 1st, 2020 we are pleased to welcome Markus Neumann in our team as CNC programmer. His future area of responsibility includes this:

  • Creation of programs based on drawings and 3D models for the processing machines
  • Create dimensional reports
  • Procurement of tools
  • Preparation of clamping and process plans
  • Clarification of possible technical problems of the parts to be produced
  • Request for quotations and information about new tool technologies
Markus Neumann

Within the scope of his induction, Mr. Neumann attended two training courses at COSCOM for their software solution Proficam.

Proficam 3D Basis – 5 days

  • Getting to know the user interface
  • Model 3D drawings
  • Create bodies from 2D, 3D
  • Create cuts
  • Editing 3D bodies

Proficam sMill – 3 days

  • Create finished & raw parts
  • Create tools
  • Create clamping device
  • General program structure
  • Programming of simple contours and holes

We are pleased that Markus Neumann, as part of our team, contributes significantly to the realization of our customer projects and look forward to future cooperation.

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