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Mayer Pflanzen GmbH is expanding its production site in Salzburg with a large new building. Machines produced by Mayer Planting Systems have already been used at the parent company on the Austrian A1 and at the branch in Ort im Innkreis for years.
We are very pleased that Mr. Wolfang Mayer, owner of Mayer Pflanzen GmbH, has drawn on his positive experience with us and has commissioned us with the design and implementation of a complete package for the new building.

In the family business, which has been operating in Salzburg since 1970, plants are still home-cultivated with great care and in addition to perfect resilience, attention is also given to ensure an optimal growth habit as well as the correct shape pruning.
High quality awareness and outstanding service is taken for granted by the Mayer family.

At Mayer Planting Systems, quality and service does not only mean impeccable machine performance and easy accessibility to us but also optimally supporting the horticultural projects of our customers. This is attained i.a. by means of an ideal combination of machines, through which maximum success can be achieved.

A concept that also meets with enthusiasm among the quality gardening company of Mayer in Salzburg. At the beginning of April, the new automation line was put into operation. Our own product portfolio has been expanded to also include products of the manufacturers Willburg Projecten BV and Visser Horti Systems.

In detail, this individually composed package contains our bale crusher BZ6160 for bales up to 2.70m in height and our potting machine TM2432.  This potting machine is suitable for pots from 9 to 32 cm and thus offers perfect support to particularly broad-based horticultural businesses such as Mayer Pflanzen GmbH. Throughout the plant there are three workstations which are mounted around the turntable. The perfect complement of the potting machine constitutes the integration of an irrigation tunnel and a transfer table with retractor.
The pots are collected using the Visser Vitoy, a specially converted Toyota-based forklift. This machine has individual forks for putting down and picking up the pots. In order to enable the order picking of the plants after the growth phase, a retriever strap has been installed on the transfer table. This retriever carries the pots to a long conveyor belt, which transports the pots without interruption to the place of order picking.

We wish Mayer Pflanzen GmbH great success with this compact individual solution for the upcoming pot season and thank them very much for placing their trust in us.

Would you also like to automate and optimise your horticultural business?
Then we are be happy to be in contact with you.

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