Winter is coming! Service tips for the cold season

Winter comes and with it the time when many a machine comes to a standstill. As an important element in the potting process, good care of the machine is essential to ensure that it will function properly again even after a long period of standing. In order to be able to put your machine back into operation in spring without any major problems, there are a few aspects you should consider when shutting down and wintering your machine.

The operating manual - an underestimated tool

Every machine requires correct handling. To ensure that you will enjoy your Mayer machine for a long time and achieve the best possible production results, we recommend that you read the operating instructions before using the machine. This will not only show you how to operate your machine in the best possible way, but also which maintenance work can be carried out by yourself and when a mechanic should be called in. All our machines are delivered with an operating manual. In case of a loss of the operating manual, we will gladly send you a new copy.

Cleaning of the machine

In order to avoid unforeseen surprises when starting up the machine for the next production cycle, we recommend cleaning the machine before shutting it down. It is important to completely empty the soil bunker, the console and drill stand area and to clean the machine from substrate residues. This not only prevents old substrate from mixing with new substrate during the restart, it also prevents corrosion of important machine components such as the chains.

Grease conveyor chain & check tension

The conveyor chains are an important element of the machine. In order to prolong their durability, we recommend to grease them thoroughly after cleaning, so that they are also protected against corrosion during the winter. Any commercially available multi-function oil can be used for this purpose. In this connection, we also recommend checking the chain tension and re-tensioning it if necessary. This has the advantage that no further adjustments have to be made when the machine is put into operation again and you can use the machine in the usual quality without hesitation.

Oil the flange bearings

The flange bearings are also an important component that is crucial for the correct functioning of a machine. After cleaning the machine, we recommend to lubricate it with the help of a grease gun in order to increase its durability

What you have to consider when processing big bales in winter

The preparation of big bales has proven itself over the years with our bale shredders. The gentle loosening of the substrate ensures a substrate quality in almost original form when using big bales.

However, the storage of big bales takes up a lot of space, which is why they are often stored in the open. If the temperatures in winter are below zero, the substrate freezes. If the still frozen big bales are processed in the bale shredder, this can cause damage to the machine, especially to the conveyor chains.

In order to guarantee the longevity of our machines, we therefore recommend to process only big bales that have been defrosted beforehand!

The following also applies to our bale shredders: clean them before shutting them down, spray the chains and check the tension of the chains and re-tension them if necessary.

Do you still have questions or are you looking for more tips on how to make your machines winterproof? We will gladly take care of your request.

Please contact us via our contact form. You can also find much more information about our products on our product page.

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