Winter is coming! Service tips for the winter months

Winter is coming and with it the time when some machines are at a standstill. As an important element in the potting process, a good care of the machine is crucial so that it works perfectly even after a longer stagnant phase. In order to be able to put your machine back into operation without major problems in spring, there are some aspects that you should take into account when:

Machine cleaning

In order to avoid unforeseen surprises during commissioning in the next production cycle, we recommend cleaning the machine before decommissioning. It is important to completely empty the earth bunker, as well as the console and drill stand area and to rid the machine of substrate residues. This not only avoids that old substrate mixes with new when re-commissioning, it also prevents the corrosion of important components of the machine such as the chains.

Grease conveyor chains and check tension

The conveyor chains are an important element of the machine. To prolong the durability, we recommend to grease them thoroughly after cleaning, so that they are protected against corrosion during the winter. Any commercially available multifunctional oil can be used for this purpose. In this context, we also recommend checking the chain tension and re-tensioning if necessary. This is beneficial when the machine is restarted, because no further adjustments need to be made and you can use the machine in the usual quality.

Oil flange bearings

The flange bearings are also important components which are crucial for the correct functioning of a machine. After cleaning the machine, we also recommend to oil it with the help of a grease gun to increase its durability.

What to look out for when processing big bales in winter

The processing of big bales with our bale crushers has proven itself over the years. The gentle loosening of the substrate ensures a substrate quality in almost original form when using big bales.

However, the storage of big bales takes up a lot of space, which is why they are often stored outdoors. In winter, when the temperature is below zero, the substrate freezes. If the still frozen big bales are processed in the bale breaker, this can lead to damage to the machine, in particular to the conveyor chains.

In order to guarantee the longevity of our machines, we therefore recommend that you only use big bales that have been thawed before!

The following also applies to our bale shredders: Clean before shutting down, spray the chains, check their tension and tighten, if necessary.

Do you have any questions or are you looking for further tips on how to make your machines winterproof? We will be happy to take care of your request. Contact us here. You can also find further information about our products on our product page at any time.

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