print logos and plant passports


print logos and plant passports


Meet the Ax350i inkjet coder, designed for demanding applications. This solution stands for fast printing of text and multi-line codes at the highest speeds. Scrap rates are reduced thanks to the placement of accurate machine readable codes (MRC). The Domino inkjet printer also integrates seamlessly, downstream from, for example, a Mayer potting machine and a Mayer conveyor belt. The printed EAN codes on the pots are checked directly after the printing process by our in-house developed camera system. Pots with faulty codes, which would not be scannable in future sales, are thus immediately reported and can be sorted out.

The high-contrast, permanent codes (black, blue, yellow, red and white) remain visible throughout the life of the printed product and are even suitable for direct contact with food. An advanced quality management module (QMM) and ink management system characterize this flexible, high-performance, high-quality inkjet coder. Compliance with all of today’s coding requirements is guaranteed – whether for plant passports, logos or industrial use. The powerful and reliable Ax350i helps improve overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) and offers a choice of printhead variants as well as high-performance dye and pigment inks.

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Advantages of the Domino Ax350i at a glance:

  • Fast printing of flawless, crisp codes, logos and plant passes
  • Seamless integration into existing production lines and perfectly matched to Mayer machines
  • Printed EAN codes are checked directly after the printing process by our Mayer camera system
  • Support for all major industrial communication protocols to simplify installation and automation
  • QuickStep user interface for intuitive operation and easy configuration of print jobs
  • Precise ink drop generation and fast cartridge changes reduce downtime on the production line
  • Remote diagnostics and event alarms effectively prevent malfunctions and eliminate the need for preventive maintenance
  • The Ax350i is highly durable and designed for demanding applications, thanks to its IP66 rating

Discover the Domino inkjet printer Ax350i:


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