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Anyone who regards simple operation and high performance as one of the most important criteria for effective work will hit the bull’s eye with the TM 1810F. The revised Mayer TM 1810F combines the well-known strengths of the previous TM 1810 with even more convenience and user-friendliness.

The Mayer TM 1810F shines with its flexibility in terms of the pot sizes that can be processed and its ease of operation and maintenance. The turntable of the Mayer TM 1810F is frequency-controlled as standard. This enables convenient speed regulation by means of a potentiometer. The separate drive of the turntable and the soil hopper enables efficient work and provides the optimum conditions for use in ornamental plant operations. This durable and reliable potting machine can process up to 3,600 round or square pots per hour. 

The accompanying single-row pot dispenser M000 is not only quick and easy to set up, another advantage of this dispenser is its exclusively mechanical design. This means that no compressed air is required on the machines and there is no wear and maintenance caused by a pneumatic cylinder. The simple conversion of this pot dispenser to other pot sizes makes this dispenser particularly flexible to use. See our video with step-by-step instructions

Of course, the Mayer TM 1810F offers a wide range of machine options and accessories to optimally match it to the requirements of your operation. The basic package (with dispenser and take-off) is available from a starting price of €18,300.00. Further details on the options can be found in our machine configurator. The delivery time depends on the current demand.

Advantages of the TM 1810F at a glance: 

  • Turntable in a smooth circular system (T16)
  • Centered planting holes
  • Central adjustment of pot sizes for round and square pots
  • Separate, infinitely mechanical control of turntable and elevator
  • Single-stage drilling motor with left and right-hand rotation
  • Tak-off 180° around the turntable possible
  • Compatible with prevailing automation systems
  • Conveys soil without harming its structure
  • Soil elevator with two-speed levels
  • Open soil hopper for different filling methods
  • Safety standard conforms to latest EC guidelines

The Mayer TM 1810F does not optimally fit the requirements of your operation? No problem! We will be happy to advise you personally and free of charge on our entire product portfolio. Contact your Mayer representative or send us an e-mail to We look forward to your inquiry! 

  • We are available for you – by phone, e-mail and fax.
  • We support you with your individual project
  • We are happy to set up a video meeting for you via Microsoft Teams or Zoom 
  • Under exact observance of travel, contact and hygiene rules, we are also happy to come to you personally. 

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