We commemorate Klaus Mayer

We commemorate Klaus Mayer on the 1st anniversary of his passing

Last Friday was the first anniversary of the passing of Klaus Mayer, the managing director and shareholder of the Mayer Group. On October 6, 2022, he had passed away at the age of 57, completely unexpectedly.

In 1993, at the age of only 28, he took over the responsibility and management of the Mayer company as shareholder & managing director. He tirelessly expanded the company with an eye to the future and developed it into the Mayer Group, which today operates successfully all over the world. At the beginning of 2022, after 28 years, he handed over the operational management of the Mayer Group to his successor Mr. Manuel Linke and from this point on held the office of Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Mayer Holding.

He was also Chairman of the Supervisory Board at the time and the former founding President of 1. FC Heidenheim 1846, which is why his family, his companions, the FCH committee members, the FCH professional team and the FCH executives commemorated him in the Voith Arena on October 6, 2023. In honor of Klaus Mayer, the original part of the Sparkassen BusinessClub facing the playing field was officially renamed the “Klaus Mayer Treff”. Klaus Mayer played a decisive role in the idea, concept and implementation of the successful networking platform for well over 500 partners and sponsors at FCH home games, as well as the equally successful venue outside match days. In 1999, during his time in the Verbandsliga, he had been a co-founder of the economic advisory board of the soccer department of the Heidenheimer Sportbund (hsb), which he also chaired. After the Heidenheim soccer team split from the hsb and the founding of the FCH, Klaus Mayer, who also made a lasting commitment as a sponsor with his company, was elected by the FCH members in 2007 as the founding president of 1. FC Heidenheim 1846 e. V.. He held this office until December 2016, when he was elected Chairman of the Supervisory Board following a change in the Articles of Association and the restructuring of the club’s management.

Klaus Mayer was a visionary, mentor and entrepreneur through and through – fun-loving, sociable and always with a positive outlook. Family and friends were most important to him and he was always there to offer advice and support. For his family, friends and the employees of the Mayer Group, he still leaves an unimaginable gap.

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