Potjet 2

Innovation in pot separation

Potjet 2

Innovation in pot separation

The Mayer Potjet 2 - Innovation in pot separation

The innovative pot destacker Potjet 2 sets a new standard in the separation of pots. With the “German Innovation Award Horticulture” of the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture (BMEL), our pot magazine was awarded for the special quality, practical applicability, the benefit for the user and the innovative character in 2018.

As one of the most modern pot destacker, it makes work much easier for horticultural businesses and unfolds its full potential when using different pot sizes. The solution for the separation of plastic flower pots does not require a change of pot input as is the case with conventional pot destacker. The pot separation, which takes place with the aid of rotating screws with guide rails, is controlled centrally via a touch screen. The Potjet 2 can process both round and square pots with its innovative pot separation principle. More than 1,000 different pots can be called up via the touchscreen as standard. If a pot is used that has not yet been stored, it can easily be added and stored. 


The special design of the pot magazine on a mobile trolley allows the Potjet 2 to be retrofitted to existing machines. This is also possible with other brands. Due to the self-sufficient function, the Potjet can also be used directly on the conveyor belt.

The following Mayer potting machines are compatible with the Potjet 2:


We would be pleased to advise you personally and individually about the application possibilities of the Potjet 2 and whether it is also compatible with one of your existing third-party machines.

Technical Data

Pot Size

8 TO 40 CM Ø*

Pot Size

8 TO 27 CM Ø*


UP TO 4.000 Pots/ H*

Transport Dimensions

2,50 x 1,1 x 2,2 M


150 KG

*Depending on the pots used and the pot size


Awarded the "German Horticultural Innovation Prize" by the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture (BMEL).

High flexibility & compatibility

No change of pot input required It is also compatible with third party machines and can be operated directly at a conveyer belt due to its self-sufficient function.

Easy to operate

The Potjet 2 is easy to operate using a touch screen. Over 1,000 pre-programmed pots can be recalled, and additional pots can be stored.

We will advise you personally

Do you have questions about our scope of services? No problem. We are happy to advise you personally or create a free and non-binding offer.

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