Mayer Steel- & Apparatus Engineering moves into new building

Something has changed on the approximately 5,000 square meters of the Mayer company premises at the Heidenheim location. In January 2017, the employees of the Steel & Apparatus Engineering division moved into an innovative new building in Poststrasse. Record breaking – half a year before, nothing could be seen of the building. Out of nothing, an office building has been created which not only offers space for the growing need for personnel, but above all allows two company divisions to grow together, which previously worked separately. At the same time, the new building is a clear commitment to Germany as a business location.

The new building makes sense not only because of the growing number of employees. More than ever before, production, sales, marketing and office staff must work hand in hand in order to be customer-oriented. In addition to a consistently high level of quality awareness, fast reaction times and transparent processes play a major role here. According to plant manager Frank Tröbst, these are the strengths of the new building:

"The short lines of communication between production and administration enable a permanent and personal exchange. This type of communication and cooperation not only strengthens the cohesion of the Mayer team, but also accelerates all production processes in steel & apparatus engineering. This benefits our customers."

Furthermore, only a few centimeters of glass separate the production from the administration. This means that customer orders can be tracked not only in systems but also in real time on site. It can happen that a 15 meter steel component can be seen on the office window of the sales department. For plant manager Frank Tröbst this is an absolute added value:

"Usually I only see customer orders on the computer or on a drawing. In the meantime I can follow every single work step live. As a result, identification with our products has increased considerably once again".

The employee remains the focus

The Mayer Group will continue to focus on its employees. This is demonstrated not least by the modern equipment of the new premises, which are designed to promote cooperation and reduce physical strain. Each room in the new building can be individually air-conditioned, offers daylight and is equipped with ergonomic office furniture. At the same time, the large number of retreats offers sufficient opportunity for personal and undisturbed exchange. Extensively equipped break rooms and kitchens facilitate relaxation during breaks. With the most modern technical equipment, not only is sustainability ensured, but the path to a paperless office is only a few steps away.

Commitment to Germany as a business location

The investment in the new building is a further commitment by the Mayer Group to Germany as a business location.

"Heidenheim will continue to be the central hub in the future and will be further expanded",
says main shareholder Klaus Mayer.

Three further conversion measures are already in the starting blocks for 2017, which will strengthen the location and ensure the future viability of the Mayer Group. Register now for the newsletter at the bottom of the page to be informed about this as well.

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