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Following the award of Mayer Steel & Apparatus Engineering as a “Place Full of Energy” by the Minister of the Environment Franz Untersteller in 2020, the publication of the print brochure “Places Full of Energy” by the Ministry of Ministry of the Environment, Climate Protection and the Energy Sector Baden-Württemberg has now followed.

We are very pleased to be listed in the brochure and to be recognized as one of the projects that is particularly committed to the goals of the energy transition. Ten years ago, shareholder and managing director Klaus Mayer already put a photovoltaic system into operation on the entire roof of his company in Heidenheim. In the course of the expansion of the site in 2018, he additionally wanted to set an example with an ecological investment in the future. Therefore, a photovoltaic system with a lithium-ion energy storage system was integrated into the facade of the industrial hall to the right of the Mayer administration building. This means that a total of 60% of the electricity required at the company headquarters in Heidenheim can now be covered.

Further energy transition projects of the Mayer Group:

  • Light sources in production at Mayer Steel and Apparatus Engineering completely replaced by LED lights.
  • High-volume low-speed hall ceiling fans reduce expenditure on heating energy
  • Construction of an electric filling station for up to four electric vehicles
  • In addition to Heidenheim, the implementation of a large solar plant is also being planned for the Mayer site in Kisfalud, Hungary

Projects like these make a decisive contribution to the success of the energy transition in the country. Not only because energy is used more efficiently, electricity is produced regeneratively and tons of CO2 are saved. They should also serve as a source of inspiration and a role model for our colleagues in industry to take this important step towards renewable energies.

f.l.t.r. Martin Grath (Member of the state parliament BW ‘Die Grünen’), Wolfgang Walter (Walter Solar), Uno Mayer,  Franz Untersteller (Minister of Environment)

Award “Place full of energy”
for Mayer Steel & Apparatur Engineering

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